Share in her stories of heroes and heroines who meet and fall in love amid tumultuous and exciting adventures. Join her cutting edge exploits as romance plays with Science Fiction creating unique SFR tales. This is Kaye's world. Come along and enjoy the experience.
Spanning several sub-genres Kaye's stories draw you in, taking you to scintillating regions where laser blasters and medieval knights co-exist. Where lovers unite in far away galaxies. And alternate realities separate mates who long to find each other.
Journey with her and escape to places you won't soon forget.
Kaye's Science Fiction Romance adventure, FORBIDDEN LOVE first book in the
Forbidden Series is a Best Seller available from Red Rose Publishing and book two, FORBIDDEN DESTINY, is coming soon.
Copyright Kaye Manro 2011
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Sci-Fi Romance
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Can their love survive light years across the galaxies
and centuries old archaic law? For forbidden lovers, T'Kon and Maya, the adventure continues...