Soul-Love & Sci-Fi

When I came up with the idea for creating the Soul-Love Series I wanted to blend Sci-Fi elements with a profound soul searching kind of love. I remembered that Greek philosophers Plato and Aristophanes first coined the idea of soulmates. They professed that we are always searching for our other half, the one who will complete us. I liked that concept so I decided to explore these theories as an SFR storyline. And this became the theme I decided to use as the basis for this series.

I wanted the love connection between the hero and heroine to have a touch of the esoteric. I felt the stories should depict the kind of love that would be strong enough to compel the characters to move Heaven and Earth and find each other. Whether the love they are seeking is right around the corner or across the galaxy.

In the short story, Almost Home Nick and Krista share an unfathomable love as well as a strong telepathic bond. They are also the main characters in the first Soul-Love novel, Remember Him Yesterday

Almost Home

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Yesterday. In the second book, Barefoot Dancer characters Michael and Kim are drawn together even though they live on parallel worlds. Distant Vision, is the third book, and Alex can feel Ramie calling to him from across the galaxy. I like that the lovers in these stories find each other through Sci-Fi elements such as quantum matter streams, advanced technology, interdimensional travel and alien contact.

Even though Almost Home is a holiday story set in the 1960’s it opens up the underlying theme of the series and merges undying love with Sci-Fi elements.

Almost Home excerpt

…He could do this, he knew it. Leaning his elbows on the table, he put his head in his hands and closed his eyes. Nick pulled his thoughts away from the noise around him and into a silent space inside his mind. He pushed upward, past the psychic abilities he’d already tapped, and to a place inside he rarely let himself go. A place that could change him in ways he didn’t want to think about. This time it was necessary to touch the quantum if he wanted to get home through the raging snowstorm.

That’s it, he thought after a while. Could it really be that simple? Yes, it could.


He could use his abilities to create and manipulate what Einstein called quantum mechanics, particles of matter, the stuff everything was make of—these molecules could be malleable to those who knew how to use them. And now he did.

…Wrapped in a blanket, Krista stood outside on the top step huddled against the brownstone. The winds slacked off but the snows got worse, coming down fast and furious like an ominous white presence covering over everything.

An eerie quietness prevailed.

Nick where are you? Please talk to me. She said over and over. Their telepathic connection had turned to static just like the damn phone line. She relaxed past the coldness and pushed her mind farther into the spaces. Finally, she found him. Listen… she heard him say.

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