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I’m a writer, that’s for sure. If I don’t have my head buried in my laptop writing away I usually have a Kindle stuck in my face reading. With a background in journalism, I love to read everything. My interest in Sci-Fi formed at a young age. I grew up watching everything Star Trek and Stargate and still do. Every fantasy/science fiction movie, television show or book I could get my hands on became part of my life. I can’t leave out my love for history and anything Medieval. I’m an incurable romantic, else I wouldn’t read so many romance novels. That’s why I started combining all the elements I love into one and writing stories. Of course, the sensual stuff just creeps in and makes the writing even more enjoyable and fun. It’s my desire to share my love of writing. So here’s to sharing the joys of reading together. Be sure to check out my new Soul-Love series.

See you inside my books.


In the studio pursuing a second love

contemporary dance.

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